About Generation Health

Generation Health is an open fund, which belongs to its members. It opened its door in December 2000 and is a member of the Association of Healthcare Funders of Zimbabwe (AHFoZ).

The Generation Health Medical Fund benefit design is modelled along the “new generation” and well as “traditional” approaches. This has been intended to cover a wider market taking into account different preferences of members.

The brief

The Generation Health brand was old and tired and this was affecting every aspect of the business including customer acquisition and retention as well as staff commitment and morale. A lack of a clear brand identity also made it complicated to develop campaigns for the brand as there was no documented brand identity to refer to. Generation Health Asked Solution Space to Fix all this.

The Solution

We did a full rebrand which involved the development of brand essence, facelift of the brand’s visual identity and entrenchment of the new brand staff and stakeholders and activation of the new brand in target markets. We developed a rebranding strategy which we pitched to the client and got approval to execute.

1. Brand Audit

We did a full brand audit that included talking to staff, customers and stakeholders to find out what they like about the old brand and what they would like to see.

2. New Brand Development

We developed a NEW Generation Health brand which involved developing a new: Brand essence, Vision, Mission, Values, Logo, Pay offline, Colours & Collateral.

3. New Brand Rollout

We rolled out the new brand which involved updating all brand touchpoints. This process involved a rebranding of Offices, Vehicles, Staff uniforms and Branded collateral.

4. Brand Central

We even built a brand central for the client- which is an internal website where you store all brand elements to ensure one source of truth and ensure consistency in roll our at all touchpoints. This brand central is an online portal where staff can log in to find the approved brand elements like logos, artworks for business cards, letterheads, t-shirts, caps even the fun stuff like staff birthdays, memos and announcements.

5. Brand Entrenchment

Once the brand was ready we did a grand reveal and a series of staff brand entrenchment workshops to educate the staff on the brand we had created together with them. Brand entrenchment workshops educated staff on the new brand what was expected of them to live the brand.

6. Activation

We took the brand to the market using a series of activation campaigns in Zimbabwe channels used included: Radio, Digital, Social Media , Print, and Billboards.