About IBFC

The Independent Black Filmmakers Collective (IBFC) is a membership-based non-profit entity that was established in late 2017 as collaborative business-to-business networking and advocacy group, comprised of wholly black-owned South African film and television companies, independent filmmakers, content creators, film, television and commercials directors and producers, marketers, exhibitors, distributors, media and entertainment facility owners, services industrialists and entrepreneurs.

The brief

The Independent Black Film Makers Collective wanted a world-class, user-friendly, interactive website that they could use to recruit and register new members as well as manage and offer existing members exclusive access to content and member-only privileges.

The Solution

Solution Space developed an interactive online portal that allows users to register to become IBFC members. Once they register members will receive a unique user name and password which they will use to access special member-only content like tutorial videos, event invites and articles giving them an upper hand compared to other film practitioners in the industry who are not members.