At Solution Space,
we believe that every brand has a story to tell

Who We Are

Solution Space is a New Age Creative Agency that fuses creativity and technology to offer marketing and communication solutions tailor-made for African brands. Founded out of the founder’s vision to change Africa’s narrative through positive messaging, Solution Space utilizes the latest marketing and communication technologies to build strong, globally competitive African brands.

Our Vision

 Re-writing Africa’s narrative one brand at a time.

Our Mission

To provide tailor-made, professional marketing and communication solutions for African brands.

The fight against Rhino poaching

Hi my name is Ace! Hundreds of thousands of Rhinoceros populated Africa at the beginning of the twentieth century but sadly recent studies estimate that there are only 20,700 southern white rhino and 4,885 black Rhino left in Africa.
Although habitat loss is an important consideration, the main contributor to this tragedy is poaching. Hundreds of Rhinos are killed illegally for their horns every year and the Rhino is fast approaching extinction.
Solution Space as proud African company has adopted the Rhino as its official mascot and is actively using its influence and network to raise awareness of the danger the Rhino faces and encourage Africans to fight poachers. Join us as we preserve Africa’s giant.

Securing Africa’s creative Future

Solution Space is a proud sponsor of the CMELA (Chitungwiza Music Entertainment and Lifestyle Awards) awards. CMELA is an annual awards ceremony that celebrates creativity and arts and seeks to promote young creative talent in Chitungwiza- a former dormitory town in Zimbabwe.
Chitungwiza has a rich, vibrant creative arts culture and is known for producing some of Zimbabwe’s finest musicians. However, it has had its fair share of challenges and CMELA seeks to address some of these challenges by recognizing youth talent in music, arts and culture and encouraging young people to take up careers in creative arts, music and culture.
Supporting CMELA is our way of safe guarding this future and nurturing Zimbabwe’s creative talent.